Register to seminar discussing mediation of applied art and design

06/04/2017 by Anu Almik

With the aim of improving the visibility of applied art and design, a seminar “Modes of mediating applied art and design” will take place on the day of the opening of the triennial, 21 April. Everyone interested is welcome to pre-register!

Bringing together artists, critics, curators and communications professionals and other esteemed experts, the seminar seeks an answer to the question of how to mediate applied art to a wider public, offer relevant feedback to artists and raise the overall design literacy in society.

The presenters include André Gali, a Norwegian art critic and editor (Norwegian Crafts Magazine), Sarah Gilbert, a glass artists and educator from United States, Karin Paulus, an Estonian critic and journalist, Liz Farrelly, a critic, editor, curator and educator from United Kingdom and Hanna Kapanen, a curator of educational programmes from Finland.

The registration form and more information about the seminar can be found here.