Satellite programme



Group exhibition of second year students of Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department of Estonian Academy of Arts

Distinction and resemblance are the main topics of “Mimicry”, the group exhibition of
Estonian Academy of Arts’ Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department’ second year

When we have to adapt to a new environment, community or a social situation, we need to
change something in our being, even if it is some diminutive detail. Where lie the limits
between fine-tuning oneself for adaptation and losing an integral part of your being while
doing so?
Many living beings use mimicry for successful survival and imitation is also a key survival
trait in nearly all human populations. Popidols would not have such passionate popularity, if
there were none who would like to be like them.

The authors of the exhibition interpret the questions of adaptation and alienation,
resemblance and differentiation from both deeply individual and universally wide
standpoints. Artists: Anete Meresaar, Hede Kalev, Joonatan Mäggi, Katariina Kriipsalu,
Klara Taberland, Kristiina Tang, Kristjan Tammjärv, Madis Mattus, Tatjana Kutsõk, Oscar
Nahan and Valdek Laur.
The works have been supervised by Eve Margus-Villems and Nils Hint.


Art Depoo gallery

Jahu 12, Tallinn
Open Mon-Sun 12-19