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Triin Kukk’s and Merlin Meremaa’s jewellery exhibition

As you step into the garage, you are greeted by a lingering smell of paint and gasoline, the tabletops are covered with tools and all sorts of objects, the room is dimly lit.

The artists place their works into a space that was not so long ago used as a workshop, but is now vacant. Their approaches are different, but similarly garage dwellers, artists use their studio spaces to be able to zone out and concentrate on the work at hand. Be it the repair of vehicles or the grinding of minerals, you need a space into which you can disappear.

Triin Kukk and Merlin Meremaa have graduated their Master’s studies in jewellery design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. They are sharing the workspace in Tallinn (Suudio 103).


Pop-up gallery Garage49

Tööstuse 52C, Tallinn
Open 15–19

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