„The Art of Collecting“

23.11.2012–03.02.2013 Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Curator: Love Jönsson (SWE)
Organisers: Ketli Tiitsar, Kristi Paap, Tiina Sarapu, Eeva Käsper, Kai Lobjakas (EST)
Exhibition design: 3+1 Arhitektid (Markus Kaasik, Karin Leht, Andres Ojari, Ilmar Valdur) (EST)
Graphic design: Tuuli Aule, Jaan Evart (EST)

Artists: A5 (Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes) (SWE), Sayaka Abe (JPN / NLD), Linda al-Assi (EST), Marina Alekseeva (RUS), Brigitte Amarger (FRA), Maria Cristina Bellucci (ITA), Marian Bijlenga (NLD), Elisabeth Billander (SWE), Sofia Björkman (SWE), Alexander Blank (DEU), Frida Breife (SWE), Chun-Tai Chen (TWN), Yu-Fang Chi (TWN), David Clarke (GBR), Kristina Čyžiūtė (LTU), Gemma Draper (ESP), Asa Elmstam (SWE), Silke Fleischer (BEL), Hilde Foks (NLD), Warwick Freeman (NZL), Alexander Friedrich (DEU), Vita Geluniene (LTU), Hanna Hedman (SWE), Nils Hint (EST), Eszter Imre (SWE), Kazimieras Inčirauskas (LTU), Sergei Isupov (USA), Katy Jennings (GBR), Karin Johansson (SWE), Virginija Kirveliene (LTU), David Kiss (HUN), Eero Kotli (EST), Lisa Kröber (DEU), Teresa Lane (AUS), Kristiina Laurits (EST), Krista Leesi (EST), Jorge Manilla (MEX / BEL), Tuija Helena Markonsalo (FIN), Lylian & Katarina Meister (EST), Lot Moorrees (NDL), Kevin Morris (GBR), Laura Munteanu (ROU), Iris Nieuwenburg (NDL), Maarja Niinemägi (EST), Karin Karinson Nilsson (SWE), Nina Nisonen (FIN), Atelier Ted Noten (NDL), Jiun-You Ou (TWN), Monika Patuszynska (POL), Jane Perkins (GBR), Pauliina Pöllänen (NOR), Mah Rana (GBR), Kaire Rannik (EST), Uli Rapp (NDL), Christina Roos (SWE / USA), Deborah Rudolph (DEU), Jaanus Samma (EST), Constanze Schreiber (DEU), Karin Seufert (DEU), Peteris Sidars (LVA), Astrid Sleire (NOR), Bettina Speckner (DEU), Kari Steihaug (NOR), Michael Strand (USA), Tore Svensson (SWE), Anne Kristine Togstad (NOR), Terhi Tolvanen (FIN / NDL), Ingrid Unsöld (SWE), Maria Valdma (EST), Octave Vandeweghe (BEL), Hanneke van Hage (BEL), Nelly Van Oost (FRA), Edmund de Waal (GBR)

The theme of the 6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial “The Art of Collecting” was developed by Love Jönsson (Sweden), whose dedication to modern applied art and design, as well as his work as a curator, critic, lecturer and historian on the international scene is remarkable. The decision to invite a curator from outside of Estonia was inspired by the wish to add an international dimension to the event and to broaden the local and general understandings of the possibilities of interpreting applied art and design.

Love Jönsson: “Collecting is a human activity that does not cease to fascinate. Anything can be an object for collecting, from worn-out everyday utensils to the most desirable works of art. We collect things as a pastime, as a mission in life, or just because we can’t help it. Any kind of collection establishes links between the collected items and constructs borders between what is in the collection and what isn’t. Thus collecting shines a search light – directly or indirectly – on the relationship between objects. Needless to say, it also turns our attention towards the relationship between mankind and its objects.”

Geographically unrestricted open competition attracted 515 artists from 43 countries. A jury of five selected 70 artists from among them and later invited five more to participate. In addition to the main exhibition three satellite exhibitions took place “70 Cotton Smocks”, “The Art of Collecting. The Art of Sharing” and “Corpus Container”, international seminar and artists’ presentations day were held. The catalogue covering the Triennal’s main exhibition and all the other events of the Triennial was published.

Photos: Ivar Veermäe

Prize winners

GRAND PRIX – Gemma Draper (ESP)
II prize – Karin Karinson Nilsson (SWE)
II prize – Vita Gelūnienė (LTU)
Acquisition Prize of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design – Maarja Niinemägi (EST)
Prize of the Estonian Artists’ Association – Jaanus Samma (EST)
Kaido Ehasoo Prize – Katarina and Lylian Meister (EST)
Foundation New Jewellery Prize – Nils Hint (EST)


Love Jönsson, critic and curator (SWE)
Monika Auch, artist (NLD)
Morten Løbner Espersen, ceramic artist (DNK)
Kadri Mälk, jewellery artist and
lecturer (EST)
Kai Lobjakas, art historian and curator (EST)


Marit Ilison
“70 Cotton Smocks”

24.11.2012–03.02.2013 Gallery of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

In the project „70 cotton smocks“, Ilison (EST) deals with themes of assimilating values and information noise from the surrounding environment, weaving nostalgia, memories, stereotyped thought patterns and the artist’s own searches for self and views on the nature of life. The project is physically/materially manifested in 70 individually hand-dyed cotton smocks ranging in colour from white to saturated dark violet.

Photos: Jarmo Nagel


“The Art of Collecting. The Art of Sharing”

23.11.2012–03.02.2013 Museum of Occupations

Curator: Tiina Sarapu
Exhibition design: Sylvia-Johanna Annus

Participants of the exhibition: Andra Jõgis, Anne Reinberg, Anneli Metsmaa, Birgit Pählapuu, Hans-Otto Ojaste, Heleri-Alexsandra Sits, Karin Kallas, Katarina Kotselainen, Kaupo Holmberg, Külli Nidermann, Liina Lõõbas, Marika Jylhä, Merle Visak, Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo, Pille Kaleviste, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Sandra Allemann, Tatjana Kuusik, Urmas Lüüs, Veronika Anders

The work on display at this exhibition were conceived and executed in the course of a semester project by master’s degree students at the Estonian Academy of Arts faculty of design. The participants hailed from the product design, leather, textile, ceramics, glass and jewellery and blacksmithing departments. The idea behind the exhibition evolved out of the overarching topic of the triennial – “The Art of Collecting” (curator Love Jönsson) – expanded by the opposite but closely-related theme of sharing.

Photos: Jarmo Nagel


„Corpus Container“

24.11–11.12.2012 HOP Gallery

Authors: Artists’ groups A5 and OTSE! in collaboration with Steinbeisser

Corpus container is a project that investigates the human from different aspects: how we relate to the human body, the person, the self, the inner and the outer. One can see the human body as 100 trillion cells, a human organism, 1.70 meters of matter, or the home for the soul. We are investigating the body as a container. Where does it start and where does it end? Are the senses an extension of the human, or are they internal organs providing us with information? Corpus container is an exhibition that will manifest itself in a physical manner, as well as a process of change. Like the human, it will change throughout the duration of the exhibition. Like the human, it’s not in a stage of stagnation.

Photos: Jarmo Nagel



Compiled by Kristi Paap
Design by Tuuli Aule, Jaan Evart
Translations by Antenna Translations OÜ and Kristopher Rikken
Language editor: Hille Saluäär
Printing house: Tallinn Book Printers, Folger Art
Publisher of the catalogue: NGO Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society

ISBN 978-9949-30-804-0
112 pages (28×21.7cm), 2 posters of satellite exhibitions (49×35.5cm, folded)