Satellite programme



Jaan Pärn’s solo exhibition

“Treehugger” Design jewellery by Jaan Pärn 1989-2021.

A Tree. The symbol of life, growth and continuity. I have been using a tree motif both as an architect and now as a jewellery artist to design my jewellery. In this exhibition, there are nearly 50 pieces and sets of jewellery, where the trees have a leading role. The oldest of these exhibits were made in 1989 for my personal exhibition in A.Tillander’s gallery in Helsinki and the latest pieces were made just a few weeks ago. By using different natural materials in silver and gold, my goal has always been to create aesthetically beautiful and practical pieces of jewellery. Nature is the best artist and by using my skills and different techniques, I try to add my part to create new compositions to its beauty.


Master’s Courtyard Gallery

Vene 6, Tallinn
Open Mon–Sun 11–17