Satellite programme



Group exhibition of master students of jewellery and blacksmithing, glass and ceramics of the Estonian Academy of Arts

“Phantasmagoria” is a group show taking place at the Sitsi Factory in Tallinn. The theme of the exhibition related to the concepts of translucency and transparency. The etymology of the term “phantasmagoria” can be found in the ancient Greek ϕάντασμα (phantasma), which means “phantom” or “apparition”. A ghostly sequence of otherworldly, delicate images and refined objects take the viewer on a journey to a parallel world between mist and light.

The project involves a wide group of artists and designers from different fields (ceramics, glass, jewellery, metal etc). It showcases an eclectic combination of media and aims to establish a fertile dialogue between disciplines.


Manufactory Quarter

Manufaktuur 5, Tallinn
Open Mon-Sun 12-19