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Tanel Veenre’s solo exhibition

Tanel Veenre’s solo exhibition at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery features his extensive conceptual jewellery series Papilla and Organ, created over a period of three years.

The exhibition focuses on the artist’s personal experience and growth as a father and in his relationship to his own father, embodied in a series of thoughtful carved hearts with a wooden sound.

The second series displayed at the exhibition consists of engraved stone jewellery, which is unusually minimalist in Tanel Veenre’s work, combining design aesthetics with the artist’s conceptual ambitions. The nipple-shaped jewellery deals with the freedom of showing one’s body, and denotes the limitations and double standards that accompany human nudity.


Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Peetri 12, Tallinn
Open Tue-Sun 13-18 or by appointment