Glass Art in Cafe. Time Difference

Kristiina Oppi

Mind Games. Fields of Magic

We construct our own world and being through a game. A wish to live safely by following certain rules, is an illusion because people always have wishes, needs and hidden desires which cannot be fulfilled accordingly to the agreements. Constant search for balance in the inner world and battling one’s fears is a spatial reflection through fields of magic calling the viewer to the game of communication. Through its colors and patterns the game offers possibility to structure time and flush out boredom and overall blahs. Or what is thought is also said out – directly, plain-spoken … or are there some psychological motives behind the game?

Exhibition open: 19.04.-19.05


Tööstuse 1
Mon-Fri 7.30-22, Sat-Sun 10-22

Kristiina Oppi
+372 505 8219