Satellite programme


Item. Part 2: „closed form“

Kati Saarits’ solo exhibition

Saarits current exhibition represents the artis’s intuitive research on the intersection between applied and fine art. In her study, the artist has added functionality to an abstract form as well as interwoven the concepts of collection and installation. The series of functional sculptures exhibited as a tabletop installation has been inspired by hollow items: plates, bowls, boxes, cups, vases etc. Such well-known classifications of daily items won’t define any more specific functionality than the option for holding various things.
The intuitive clay forms with cavities, holes, dimples and curves raise the following question: at what point will an item of fine art become functional, useful? Exhibited objects can be either used as items of applied art or observed as sculptures. In order to illustrate this ambivalence and to break the still-life-ish state of an art exhibition, Saarits rearranged the installation in the middle of her exhibition. Exhibited objects were repositioned, the hollow ceramic (useful) items were closed with the plaster (sculptural) lids while offering two different perspectives for viewing the same forms.


HOP gallery

Hobusepea 2, Tallinn
Open Thu-Tue 11-18