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The perfect landscape. Earth, wood, fire, water

Karin Kalman’s ceramics exhibition

The exhibition is dedicated to wood firing and journeys to different firing kilns. On the one hand, the combined creation of earth, water, wood and fire is an unending source of inspiration, while on the other hand, these are also the instruments that I work with. Earth is my material; water and fire, my tools; from wood come the energy and the glazes.

One part of the exhibition is a collage of objects fired in different wood kilns. The emphasis is on the interplay of unglazed surfaces, the work of fire, the use of different clays together and, for contrast’ sake, interposing these with white delicate porcelain pieces (from wood, electric or gas firing).

The second part of the exhibition is made up of a series of wheel-thrown porcelain cups, fired over several years in different wood or gas kilns, displaying the widely divergent results one can get while using the same glazes.

This exhibition is a celebration of my 20-year journey in wood firing.

Karin Kalman graduated from the ceramics department of Estonian State Art Institute (the present-day Estonian Academy of Arts) in 1986. Has taken part in exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad since 1985. Member of Estonian Artists’ Union since 1992, professor of Estonian Academy of Arts since 1993.  Besides teaching, she has continued to practice as a ceramic artist and is the owner of the company Stuudiokeraamika OÜ.

The exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.


Hop gallery

Hobusepea 2, Tallinn
Open Thu-Tue 11-18
Free entrance