Satellite programme


From the jauntiness of absence

Luisa Werner, Constanza Salinas, Natascha Frechen and Felicia Mülbaier

Gathering objects, drawings, sketches, watercolours, bits and pieces of material left-overs, dust, parts that broke in the process and other paraphernalia that are created while making the actual jewellery – as important as the finished pieces themselves – the exhibition both documents and honours the time behind creation. It is an absence that completes the story. The exhibition is a meditation on the process of becoming.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication that will be launched at public presentation and a talk with the artist(s) on August 14 in the courtyard of Hobusepea 2 studio house.


On the WINDOWS of A-Gallery

Hobusepea 2, Tallinn
Open around the clock