Catalogue “Translucency”

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The catalogue of the 8th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial “Translucency”. The catalogue is in Estonian and in English, it contains all of the works exhibited at the main exhibition of the triennial and essays opening the theme of the triennial from an Estonian art and architecture historian and curator Ingrid Ruudi and Architectural Historian at the Royal Danish Academy Martin Søberg.

Product Description

Publisher: NGO Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society
Compiled and edited by:
 Keiu Krikmann
Translation and language editing: Keiu Krikmann, Michael Haagensen, Katre Ratassepp
Design: Marje Eelma, Martin Eelma (Tuumik Stuudio)
Colour correction of photos: Marje Eelma (Tuumik Stuudio)
Printing house: Printon AS

ISBN: 978-9949-9906-1-0
Measures: 215 x 280 mm
Print run: 400 copies